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Lance has been investing and trading for 15 years. He consistently beats the S&P 500 with a strategy that puts the odds in YOUR favor!

Lance keeps it simple: TWO simple trade alerts issued at the same time every day. You have a 95% of winning a trade!
Blue is Lance’s monthly percentage return in ThetaTraderz. Red is the S&P.
An average monthly return of 6% !


Lance just added another simple day trade alert to his service.


The idea is simple: Trade $SPY first thing in the morning…..10 mins or so after market opens.

If you want to learn how to place options spreads and make money (typically 2% per day), then you will LOVE this additional day trade alert!


The focus is on TEACHING not just sending out alerts!


Lance is a great teacher. If you are looking for that one-on-one mentoring, you won’t find a better trade alerts room!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join Us....

Exclusive Mentor “Q&A” Chatroom with one-on-one access to Lance ($200 value)


Real-Time Alerts for cash secured put and credit spreads ($100 monthly value)


**NEW!!** Real-Time Alerts for SPY morning trades every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday ($100 a month)


BONUS #1: Cash Secured Put and Wheel Strategy Guide ($300 value)

BONUS #2: Credit Spread Strategy Guide ($300 value)

BONUS #3: 0DTE Day Trading Strategy Guide ($300 value)

BONUS #4: 1 hour zoom strategy session with Lance ($300 value)


Total Value: $6,200