We also offer a popular Inner Circle Membership (to annual and lifetime members).

You can signup below or email [email protected] for more info on payment plans etc.


Inner Circle is the best choice if you are dedicated to learning all of the strategies and want extra one-on-one help from Lance.



With Inner Circle you receive all the alerts quarterly members receive AND the following…

 – Access to everything in the discord

 – Bonus futures trades (excellent track record!)

 – Lances workshops

 – Full access to all trades (including longer term holds)

 – One-on-one zoom calls for help etc.

Why This Is The BEST Strategy For YOU

    • Simple easy to follow alerts on TWO high probability Cash Secured Put trades every day.

    • Small account friendly! The strategy can be implemented with as little as $5,000.
    • Daily 0DTE trades on SPY/SPX with an average return of 2% per day.
    • Discord based channel sends notifications to your phone.

    • Swing trades are typically held for 7-14 days.

    • This is a conservative strategy that focuses on low risk and consistent small wins.
    • Profit if the underlying stock goes up, down or stays the same!


Average of 4% a month with the goal of 2% or more a month. You can trade positions with as little as $500!

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2. One-on-One free zoom call with Lance.

ThetaTraderz Track Record


Here is a link to the ongoing ThetaTraderz track record. We believe in full transparency.


Lance has consistently beaten the S&P month after month without the risk of holding long-term stocks……

This is a conservative strategy that focuses on low risk and consistent small wins.

ThetaTraderz Strategy – Become The CASINO!


Why sell instead of buy options?

When you go to Vegas or Atlantic City, you might take $100 to gamble.  You may win, you may lose.   But you know who ALWAYS wins?  The casino.  Selling options is taking the casino role.