About Lance

Hello, my name is Lance and I wanted to personally welcome you to ThetaTraderz!


In my first few years after college, my hope was that I would be able to teach others about money and investing. With this goal in mind I became a licensed financial planner and insurance salesman.


In this position I thought that I would be able to teach others about money and investing. Instead, I found that most of my time was spent looking for new clients, rather than helping our existing ones.


Furthermore, I was asked by the firm I worked for to encourage people to pay large fees and often do things involving risk for our customers in order to make money for them (the firm). While this benefitted me financially, I felt queasy doing so!


This led to a career change...


For the past 14 years I have been teaching in both Texas and New York. Currently I'm a high school science teacher, hence I refer to myself as the InvestingTeacher.


Over the years I've found out that you can make money doing smart and reasonably low risk things. This is really the basis of what ThetaTraderz is all about.


Like teaching science, I'll show you my lab work!


This will include showing you examples of trades that both made me money, but also how I mitigated my losses.


The strategies that I teach show you how to use options to earn consistent income, with a target of 2-4% returns each month. It will require steady work and discipline but can without a doubt provide you a better financial future.


If you have ever struggled making money in the stock market on a consistent basis or you are just starting on your journey. I'd love to work with you and show you the ThetaTraderz way of trading.

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